EuroCereal 2011
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Food Safety Management Conference 2012

Campden BRI, Chipping Campden, UK

Consumers in Europe expect the foods they consume to be safe – whether sourced from Europe or beyond. Unfortunately a number of high profile crises have undermined consumer confidence in the ability of the food industry and government to deliver safe food. However, governments and the food industry are working harder than ever to assure the safety of food, for example:

  • procedures based on the Codex principles of HACCP are mandatory in the member states of the European Union for all food businesses except for those in primary production
  • the food industry has embraced new techniques such as risk assessment and horizon scanning
  • the continued importance of well established procedures such as prerequisite programmes has been recognised by the food industry
  • government and industry recognise the need for effective high quality training, at all levels

This conference will seek to identify how governments, the food industry and other stakeholders are working to further improve the management of food safety to help ensure that our food is safe to eat.


  • Food safety management
    • latest developments in established approaches and new techniques
  • Legislation
    • international developments and experiences
  • Prerequisite programmes
    • renewed focus on effectively managing the basics
  • Audit standards, training and competency
    • latest developments and experiences

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Campden BRI

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